Thursday, 5 March 2015

Using Kindergarten Math Games to Advance the School Curriculum

One of the ways that five year olds learn best is through interactive play. That is why it is important to provide plenty of stimulating activities that foster this learning and growth. Math is a more difficult subject to introduce through interactive play, although many of the concepts learned are recurring in the natural world. To offer engaging activities that follow suit with the math curriculum, many teachers are turning toward online math games. These games make kindergarten maths more fun and rewarding, plus take kids outside of their comfort zone and encourage them to use math concepts in a variety of ways.

Kindergarteners are actually very interested in learning, but often become distracted and have a hard time focusing on the information. Not to mention, with short attention spans, kindergarteners may seem like they come in with a blank slate each morning. Fortunately, playing online math games is a wonderful way to enhance what is being learned in the kindergarten curriculum. These practical games can be integrated into a classroom setting, tutoring session or at home for a routine study night. They are also useful tools for winter and summer break times when your child won't come near a book, but you worry about him or her forgetting the material.

Choosing the Appropriate Math Games

It's important that you do not confuse adaptive learning games with standard games. The big difference: Adaptive learning software is more than just for entertainment; the games offer real educational value. To make sure you choose the best kindergarten math games, there are a few factors to look for. First, select programs that are designed to meet the individual needs of the child. A short questionnaire is filled out and helps the intuitive software fill in the gaps where the child is struggling. The results of the games are used to track progress, and kids don't move ahead to a new chapter until they've mastered the current lesson.

Also look for online math games that are part of a larger program that allow parents and teachers to track the progress of the kindergartners. The games should offer a variety of online lessons that include age-appropriate material for five-year-olds, including counting, number comparisons and number sequences. These kindergarten math games are not just for kids who need an extra push, but also for advanced students who welcome additional challenges. Depending on the child you're working with, you can also take advantage of more advanced lessons that delve into first and second grade topics.

Kindergarten Fun in Every Program

If you're curious to know what makes kindergarten games so much fun, think about the things that five-year-olds enjoy the most. From pirates to pets to sea animals, kindergarten games include fun characters that present the material. Most of the time, kids don't know they're learning, and the end result is a confident child who is eager to test out his or her new skills. As a parent or teacher, it's important to review the child's progress and be familiar with the material being learned so that you can build on the concepts. For example, ask a student to count out ten yellow pencils.

In the process of playing kindergarten math games, kids are also learning how to navigate a computer and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Instead of putting on a game for entertainment value, offer an educational tool that will challenge the mind and instill confidence in your child. Most adaptive learning programs will allow you to test out the games for free, so be sure to take advantage of these rewarding opportunities for both you and your kindergartener.

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