Thursday, 7 May 2015

Solving Math Problems

A good math education needs to start very early, as early as in elementary school. However, it is rather clear that students are not learning math in a way which will help them love it, hence often times, they try to look for help with math.Consequently, it is not unusual that students simply turn away from math, and don't end up assimilating basic mathematical skill which would help them tremendously in the professional lives, in almost every single area.

It is not a mystery that the main reason why students have little affection for math is because of a deficient methodology lacking in meaningful math problems. One capital mistake is the tendency to entice memorization instead of critical math reasoning, which certainly leads to failure, since memorization doesn't provide the reach that true mathematical understanding does. With this kind of teaching method, it does not help the students that much with math. Take for example the case of Pythagoras Theorem.

The Pythagorean Theorem in geometry says that, for a triangle in which one angle is a right angle (having 90 degrees or also known as a right angle), the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two other sides of the triangle. In equation form, it is often expressed as a2 +b2 = c2.

We can say that regardless the appealing appearance of the formula, instead of memorizing it, it would be obviously more productive to discuss how the formula is derived, or at least why it is plausible that it is true. He or she might talk on the history of the theorem, and might need to illustrate some drawings. In addition, presenting it in a story-like manner would make math more interesting for kids. As we probably have experienced before, a good story usually makes it up for a difficult concept, because it makes math much more enjoyable.

Another fun mode of educating kids in mathematics is through online games. There are quite a big number of websites which offer interactive games that help your kid understand the concepts of mathematics while at the same time, making learning an enjoyable experience. Not only free material is available online. Sometimes, quality material can be purchased at reasonable prices, which could really make a difference. Math doesn't get any easier with all the resources available nowadays.

In today's world it is clear that not all the responsibility of math learning is on the teachers. Parents too play an important role in the development of a kidýs learning process. There was one parent in California who was struggling to teach her kid about the various denominations of the dollar. Instead of just letting her daughter memorize how the coins look like and how much it is equivalent to, she set up an imaginary "toy store" wherein she tries to "buy toys" from her kid. This creativity and ingenuity did not only allow the kid to learn fast, but also made her understand the idea far better than the typical classroom scenario.

For mathematics to be entertaining, and to help you deal with math with your kids, mathematics should be presented in such a way that kids would remember the concepts and formulas easily. Creativity is the key, aside from having a full understanding of the principles behind.

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