Saturday, 4 April 2015

Some Habits to Adopt – Teach Math Enrichment Classes Efficiently

Teaching math is not all that easy. Other, more theoretical subjects are relatively easier to teach as compared to the highly calculative and numerical subject of mathematics. Teachers always try their best to convey their message in the best possible manner, since it affects both their career goals and their sense of accomplishment of their goals as teachers. While teaching any number based subject is tough, here are a few habits that one can develop and then expect them to groom them as teacher.
Letting the Concepts Make Sense:
Math cannot be crammed and needs to be very clear concept wise. Ever wonder why the concepts in this subject keep coming again and again each following year in the text books as the student goes on to get promoted to the next classes. The reason for this is that it takes several years to grasp a concept; hence, the curriculum of this subject is made such that it gradually clarifies the mind of students. The key is not to just focus on the “how” something works in this subject but to also focus on the “why” does it. With this comes care of the level of students under consideration. Being a teacher, it is an absolute crime to simply blindly trust the text book or a help book especially when it comes to calculations. Each question needs to be solved so that if any student has ambiguity in any question, there is a ready solution of it with the teacher.
Make a Goal:
What should the goal of a teacher be? Should it be to simply finish the course up by the end of the school year, or should it be to teach their students valuable things that would benefit them in the years to come in study and in career. There is nothing wrong in having the former as one’s goal with an exception that the teacher does not forget the duties that he or she has. However having the later as goal makes a teacher worth gems. The best teachers always make a long term plan for their students and stick to it for one reason only, that their students are better able to deal with every day complexities of the world. A teacher of math must become a building block in the academic structure of students helping students build their further studies up on the knowledge given to them.
What Tools to Use?
Those who teach maths enrichment classes make a lot of money, they really do. But their effectiveness is confined to the type of tools that they use in the process. Math cannot be taught on presentation slides, it is a board dependent subject that requires thorough practice. For geometry teaching, bigger compass, D and scales are available that are used for accurate drawing on bigger boards. A good teacher is to always keep along a register to note and solve questions and calculations that are not being solved by the students.
Making Math a Living:
Teaching maths enrichment classes can make a person very rich over time especially when it comes to teaching poor calculation skilled individuals. But to really cash in, one needs to love math to its core and should never feel tired of it. It is all about exploring new formulas and methods for solving the same questions over and over again. Doing this keeps the excitement alive and also equips the teacher with wider knowledge base and experience. Going through a number of math books is also essential in case a person wishes to make a publication in the field.

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