Monday, 13 April 2015

Suggestions in Solving Math Problems

Mathematical problem solving are number problems. It is all about injecting the right strategy and process in arriving at an answer. It has two stages - the problem execution and the problem representation.

Define the problem first and set a strategy on how to solve it. Be analytical.
Suggestions to Help Solve Math Problems:

- Pay attention in class. Avoid unnecessary distractions that will take your concentration away from the lesson. Confer with classmates at the end of the period, not during class lectures. 

- Repeat in your mind the things a professor says. 

- Taking notes is often not good while a lecture is ongoing. It divides your attention. Focus on the lecture first, and jot down the important points later. 

- Solve as many similar problems about a subject for mastery. 

- Some problem solving maths have more than one method of solving. Learn all the methods and see what is least complicated for you. 

- Get a copy of the solution of a problem you find difficult to solve. Study the solution carefully. 

- Solve many problems. It is the only way to practice. 

- Understand and master basic principles and ideas. These are the foundation of even the most complex problems. 

- Understanding the logic behind helps in memorizing various formulas and theories. 

- Never hesitate to ask a teacher. They are ready to help. 

- Ask help from friends and classmates. 

- Get a tutor if needed. 

- Read supplements about the subject. Do not rely on class lectures alone. 

- Hints are sometimes better than giving up immediately.

Mathematics is fun to learn. Do not be easily scared at the sight of numbers. Mathematical problems all require simple logic and analysis. Do not be pressured too much to excel in the subject immediately. Do not be easily discouraged. Devise ways to make studying math a fun learning experience rather than a tedious task to do. When you begin to stop thinking about grades, true learning begins.

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